Sweep – MindTrust (Chinexpansion Limited)

Sweep ESG & Carbon Data Platform, is Europe’s leading Green-Tech solution with $100M in funding.


Our platform offers:

  • Carbon Emission Calculations (GHG Protocol)
  • Advanced Data Collection for large organizations (including Scope 3)
  • Automated Reporting (GRI, ISSB, CDP, TCFD, CSRD…)
  • Decarbonization Trajectory and Action Plan Module (SBTi)
  • Financed Emission Module (SASB, PRI, PCAF…)
  • Supply Chain Module


MindTrust is the official APAC reseller of Sweep, providing:

  • Green Tech Advisory
  • Carbon Footprint Assessments
  • Decarbonization Action Plans
  • ESG & Awareness Workshops (Climate Fresk, Biodiversity Collage…)


Solutions Showcase:

  • Carbon Management/Carbon Offset
  • Education/Training/Certification
  • ESG Reporting/Consultancy
  • Sustainability Services
  • Technology & Innovation