Ways Out Limited


Ways Out Hong Kong is a social enterprise based in Hong Kong that “Turns Trash Into Treasure” – upcycling household food waste into jewelry and using it as a creative nudge to push forward food waste education, promote environmental sustainability, and to empower young underprivileged women through training and flexible work.

Our sustainability goals for 2024:

1. SDG 13 Climate Action: To stimulate over 3000 individual actions towards food waste reduction and environmental sustainability

2. SDG 5 Gender Equality: To provide at least 2160 hours of training and work to young underprivileged women who experienced unexpected pregnancy under the age of 25

3. SDG 13 Climate Action: To achieve at least 100 collaborative projects on food waste education and environmental sustainability with Corporates, NGOs/SEs, universities and schools for collective impact

Products, Services & Solutions:

• Circular Solutions
• Education/Training/Certification
• Sustainability Services
• Sustainable Products

UN SDG goals that we align with:

• SDG 5 Gender Equality
• SDG 13 Climate Action