3 Components to Accelerate Sustainable Practices in Your Company

With sustainable practices and ESG frameworks gaining importance in today’s business landscape, it can be daunting to motivate teams to get them on board. Educational resources and engagement activities can generate awareness and spark motivation toward a common positive goal and, with consistency, build long-term sustainable habits in and beyond the workplace.

Here are three components to focus on when accelerating sustainable practices in your company.

1. Work Culture
The company culture is made up of the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours present within the workplace. It forms the overarching purpose and values of the organisation. Building a sustainable work culture requires tapping into the minds and hearts of individual team members, fostering collective values and actions that contribute to a wider purpose – one that positively impacts future generations, society, and the environment.

2. Effective Communication
Clear and consistent internal communication helps teams maintain momentum and stay up to date with sustainability topics on a consistent basis, encouraging conversation and mindful practices in and outside of the workplace. By actively engaging in sustainable initiatives, teams understand individual and collective environmental impact and demonstrate purpose-driven values in their everyday actions.

3. Work Environment
Aligning the work environment with sustainability goals and strategies leads to the adoption and consistent execution of habits. To name a few, ethically-sourced coffee, non-dairy milk, recycling stations, and conscious office supplies are examples of best practices in the workplace. Ultimately, a sustainable work environment materialises the company’s purpose and the values of the individuals within it.

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