Intertek Green R&D Assurance Solution Enables Clients To Bring Sustainable Products To Market While Safeguarding Quality, Safety, And Performance

Intertek Green R&D Assurance Solution is an innovative integrated solution that ensures the sustainability, quality and safety attributes of a product are optimised all the way through its lifecycle.

The demand for eco-friendly products has increased significantly as consumers want to ensure that the goods they are purchasing have been created with minimal impact on the environment. Companies are innovating to deliver new high-quality products and services as consumer expectations rapidly evolve but designing a product with sustainability in mind can be complex as it requires a thorough understanding of all the trade-offs being made during the design phase.

Green R&D is a bespoke solution designed to provide brands with a holistic view of product development in order to better understand the trade-offs between environmental impact, quality, safety and performance that occur throughout the value chain. With over 20 years’ experience in essential safety prevention and risk-based quality assessment, and our comprehensive regulatory, testing, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and sustainability expertise, Intertek is uniquely positioned to help the clients navigate these challenges through science-based assurance in both local and global markets. Intertek helps companies mitigate risk and protect their brands by delivering comprehensive assurance solutions that balance quality, safety, and performance, aspects that are often overlooked in sustainable product development.

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