Accelerating Sustainability in Transportation in Hong Kong

Uber is bringing our innovation, technology, and talent to the fight against climate change. We want Uber to be the cleanest platform on earth because it’s the right thing for our consumers, cities, and business. Globally, we have committed $800M in resources to help drivers go electric by 2025, and  become a zero-emissions platform globally by 2040.

Accelerating Sustainability in Transportation in Hong Kong

Transportation is the second largest source of carbon emissions in Hong Kong. And as one of the city’s largest mobility platforms, we know that our impact goes beyond our technology. We fully acknowledge our role to play towards reducing carbon emissions on the road. 

Research shows that electrifying high-utilization vehicles, including those on ridesharing platforms, taxis, and other urban mobility services can result in 3 to 4 times improved emissions savings compared to average car owners. Currently, Uber has a significant number of zero-emission or hybrid vehicles on the platform. We believe  that by supporting the HK government’s taxi electrification goal and working together with the taxi industry, Uber can make a critical step towards the city’s sustainability goal. 

There are important challenges ahead that will need collaboration between many stakeholders to address. In other markets, Uber has worked to help drivers go electric, either in the form of subsidies, or by reducing platform service fee; expanding green and car-free products; and empowering consumers to choose green and car-free products. We have also been able to help by sharing data insights for future EV charging scenarios, which can serve as good reference points for EV charging infrastructure investments, especially in the face of high set up costs for quick-chargers.  

Join us in the city’s journey to zero emissions.

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