The Henderson: Pioneering Eco-Innovation in Tomorrow’s Architecture

Traditional skyscrapers in this city’s commercial core often grapple with challenges that go beyond mere aesthetics. Excessive energy consumption, uncontrolled water usage, and compromised air quality have long been the bane of urban architecture. These challenges, however, have not deterred Henderson Land Group. Instead, they have become the catalyst for a transformative vision. The Henderson, Henderson Land Group’s flagship project in the heart of the city, is not just a response to these challenges but a proactive step towards a sustainable future. It stands as a testament to Henderson Land Group’s ongoing commitment to climate resilience and environmental stewardship, setting unparalleled standards for a smarter, greener tomorrow.

The Henderson: Where the Vision Begins

Guided by Henderson Land Group’s 2030 Sustainability Vision “G.I.V.E.” (Green for Planet, Innovation for Future, Value for People, and Endeavour for Community), The Henderson sets out to foster inclusive communities that are environmentally conscious and provide them with a high quality of life. The Henderson is not just a building; it’s a movement, a philosophy and an icon of the city.

The Henderson’s achievements are manifold: from significant strides in carbon reduction and water efficiency to setting benchmarks in air quality, material sourcing, climate resilience and sustainable site development. The continued effort in achieving sustainability goals with innovation-infused property management sets The Henderson apart. Its commitment to long-term and short-term sustainability goals is evident in every aspect of its design and operation.

A Blend of Revolutionary Artistry and Technological Integration

As an architectural, The Henderson is a symphony of cutting-edge design, construction, and operational technologies. This harmonious blend attests to the partnership between The Henderson and the globally renowned Zaha Hadid Architects and a team of capable design consultants.

In collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects, every design element of The Henderson has been meticulously crafted, ensuring that sustainability goals are embedded from inception. The Henderson employs a top-down construction method, allowing simultaneous construction of deep basement and above-ground structures, accelerating the redevelopment programme on-site, and, at the same time, enhancing safety of deep basement construction and safeguarding the operating MTR tunnels in close proximity.

Located in the pulsating heart of Hong Kong’s central business district, The Henderson stands tall at 36 storeys above ground, replacing what was once a multi-storey car park. This transformation is not just about maximising space but reimagining urban landscapes. The “floating” tower creates an urban oasis adjacent to Chater Garden, offering a breath of fresh air amidst the bustling cityscape.

The design of The Henderson mimics the organic forms of the natural world, seamlessly connecting with adjacent public gardens and parks. Such connectivity is further enhanced by the organic motive of the curved glass façade, made up of 4-ply, double-laminated and double-curved insulated glass units designed for extraordinary resilience against the city’s powerful summer typhoons. The Henderson’s blooming elegance is a testament to the craftsmanship and precision of Zaha Hadid Architects.

The Sky Garden, located on the refuge floor, is a semi-outdoor recreation area with a running track. These tranquil outdoor areas flow effortlessly into the building’s generous communal spaces, ensuring a seamless connectivity between The Henderson’s interiors and its verdant surroundings. This integration is not just about aesthetics; it’s a deliberate effort to enhance the well-being of its occupants, offering them spaces where they can rejuvenate and find solace amidst their hectic schedules in.

Hardly anything is taken lightly at The Henderson, where even the smallest breath sets future standards. The building’s hybrid ventilation is controlled by its automated management system that enables all office levels to be naturally ventilated under moderate climate conditions. Furthermore, the indoor air quality monitoring system will automatically regulate indoor air temperature, humidity, and fresh air volume based on occupancy and indoor environmental conditions. These smart technologies optimise energy demand by predicting daily occupancy trends to boost efficiency and reduce energy use.

To go even further, two weather stations have been installed at street and roof levels to monitor real-time on-the-spot outdoor conditions including PM10, PM2.5, ozone, daylight (solar irradiation), wind speed (m/s), rainfall (mm), temperature (oC), humidity (%) and noise (dB) for data-driven air supply optimisation. And the list continues. In addition, a patented project-specific solar responsive ventilator (SRV) is installed along the western perimeter of each office floor to improve the comfort of occupants. The low-speed, aerodynamically designed SRV, powered by photovoltaics, generates a channel of air that can mitigate solar radiative heat to the perimeter zone for added comfort and reduced air-conditioning demand via clean renewable energy.

The Henderson’s commitment to excellence and innovation has been recognised on multiple fronts. It has clinched prestigious design awards and accolades, including Grand Award (New Buildings Category: Projects Under Construction and/or Design – Commercial) at Green Building Award 2021, Winner (Construction category) of the buildingSMART International openBIM Awards 2022 , Platinum Pre-certification in both WELL Building Standard (WELL) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The project has also been awarded Platinum certifications for both WiredScore and SmartScore, in recognition of its outstanding digital connectivity and advanced smart technology. The Henderson is also set to be one of the first buildings in Hong Kong to achieve the highest 3-Star rating in both the China Healthy and Green Building Design labels.

The Henderson, as envisioned by Henderson Land Group, is a masterclass in sustainable architecture. Its design and features prioritise environmental efficiency and user convenience, while also establishing new standards for contemporary architecture worldwide.

The Vision Forward

In the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant metropolises, The Henderson rises not merely as an architectural masterpiece but also as a paradigm for the future of sustainable urban development. Its collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects has birthed a structure that seamlessly marries design excellence with environmental stewardship.

At its core lies the pioneering LIT(Landlord-Individual-Tenant) ESG Partnership Programme (“the programme”) supported by Henderson Land’s ITEAP (Integrated Tenant Experience Analytic Platform) with “digital twin” technologies. This tri-party collaboration embodies a bottom-up people centric approach, driving ESG from the very inception of property developments.

Stakeholder engagement is also pivotal. The Henderson has taken proactive measures to align tenants with its vision, providing a green fitting-out guide, encourage tenants to install sub-meter in their premises for monitor energy and water usage, encouraging tenants to achieve their own LEED and WELL accreditations, including recycling, measuring and reporting of waste management in tenants’ office premises, amongst other cooperative policies. This collaborative approach ensures that sustainability is not merely a buzzword, but an achievable reality for all involved parties.

The Henderson is revolutionising how we perceive sustainability by leveraging the power of cutting-edge technologies and ESG data management with a two-pronged operational approach. To begin with, the programme actively encourages tenants and their employees to make a paradigm shift and engage in ESG-positive actions by offering rewards. This not only fosters a culture of sustainability but also ensures that every individual within The Henderson becomes a stakeholder in its green vision. To take another step forward, the programme equips tenants with a state-of-the-art data and intelligent management platform. This data-driven management platform empowers them to meticulously track, analyse, and quantify their ESG performance. Such precision not only facilitates effective ESG reporting but also provides actionable insights for continual enhancement.

In a landscape where many are still navigating the rudiments of sustainable design, The Henderson establishes itself as a beacon of what is achievable when vision meets innovation. As cities globally recalibrate their architectural compass towards sustainability, The Henderson serves as an icon amongst icons, subtly signalling the transformative potential of structures that harmoniously blend design, technology, and eco-consciousness. It speaks to Henderson Land Group’s foresight, not just with this edifice but as a guiding principle across all ventures.

In its journey towards architectural and environmental excellence, Henderson Land Group strongly believes that collaboration and shared aspirations can be the key to shaping a smart and sustainable future. In the grand tapestry of urban development, The Henderson, as the latest iconic landmark of Hong Kong, is not merely a thread but a golden weave — one that sets the tone for a future in which sustainability and design will come together, not out of necessity, but out of responsibility and vision.

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