Advocates for Change: Pursuing Sustainable Options in the Building Materials

ARpha Limited is thrilled to partner with Palmeco Tech Limited, a pioneering collaboration set to showcase our upcycled, low carbon and eco-friendly building materials at ReThink 2023. The event witnessed an overwhelming response from industry professionals who share a deep concern for our Earth and a commitment to sustainability.

Construction industry, known for its significant environmental impact due to energy-intensive materials production, has long struggled with its embodied carbon footprint. However, we are pleased to witness a rising awareness among industry professionals who are actively seeking truly green alternatives for their projects.

Palmeco® Master Board is made from palm fiber waste with natural minerals, which is more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional cement, gypsum and plywood boards. It is a groundbreaking material developed in collaboration with NAMI and the Geopolymer Institute in France. Crafted using a combination of organic leftover palm fiber, inorganic waste, and recycled materials such as minerals and slag.

At ReThink, we also had the chance to connect with professionals from different industries, such as banking, consulting firms, and facility management companies. We are witnessing a profound shift in the business realms, as they wholeheartedly embrace the principles of ESG.

We strongly encourage the continued pursuit of sustainable alternatives to make significant progress in reducing embodied carbon and contribute to a greener future. This goal requires collaboration among all stakeholders, including developers, architects, contractors, and suppliers.

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