The World’s First Non-Contact Antimicrobial Vegan Leather is now available!

The high-tech Non-Contact Antimicrobial Vegan Leather utilises up to 97% post-consumer recycled plastic. This vegan leather has received certifications from international bodies, such as the Global Recycled Standard, ensuring its sustainability and eco-friendliness. By recycling and repurposing waste laminated glass, including car windshields and building windows, we have created a sustainable alternative to traditional leather. The annual solid waste from laminated glass alone amounts to 170 million kg, equivalent to the weight of 55,000 adult elephants.

Our supply chain strictly adheres to the principles of sustainable development, ensuring that the source of materials aligns with international ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) standards. Moreover, our materials have low volatile organic compound (VOCs) content. Our product is in line with the EU’s CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) requirements, reducing the average 26% “carbon tariff” on imported goods.

In addition to its environmental advantages, this quantum sterilization high-tech environmentally friendly green material provides long-term protection. Through certified resonance technology, it can effectively eliminate up to 99% of viruses and bacteria in a non-contact manner within a short period (up to 5cm). This ensures a safer experience for you and your family. The material retains its sterilization effect for up to five years, providing uninterrupted 24-hour protection and creating a healthy and safe environment for you.

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