Arup: building a more climate-resilient Asia

Climate change has caused devastating floods and record-breaking droughts affecting Asia in 2022, and with temperatures predicted to rise further, urgent action is necessary.

Arup, in collaboration with Civic Exchange, Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association (ICE HKA), Resilient Cities Network, and World Resources Institute, has published a comprehensive report that discusses key insights and strategies for building resilience and adapting to the effects of climate change.

The report covers:

The message is clear: both the challenges and solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation lie within our cities. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, empowering local and regional actors, and sharing knowledge, we can create more sustainable, resilient, and liveable cities for both now and the future.

Arup is a collective of designers, consultants and experts dedicated to sustainable development, shaping a better world with imagination, technology, and rigour. With over 45 years of experience in Asia, we bring innovation and a forward-thinking approach to our work. Our clients benefit from services that integrate sustainability into their business and from solutions that ensure environmental integrity, economic viability and social wellbeing.

Join us in shaping a more resilient and sustainable Asia.

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