Chinachem Group: Value Creation through 3Ps

Chinachem Group is a leading property developer based in Hong Kong, with a real estate pedigree dating back to the 1960s. We have worked with the purpose of creating “Places with Heart”, which delivers positive impacts for all our stakeholders on a long-term, as well as sustainable basis. Our diverse portfolio comprises residences, offices, industrial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, mixed-use developments, and movie theatres.

Value Creation through 3Ps — People, Prosperity and Planet
Being a purpose-driven enterprise, we actively seek to make a positive contribution to society through our adherence to 3Ps, a commitment that benefits People, brings Prosperity to the community, and preserves the Planet.

What is the 3Ps?
People – We work together with our colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders to reach our sustainability vision and have the most positive effect on the communities we serve
Prosperity – We shape a prosperous future with focuses on technology innovation and sustainable investment
Planet – We always work to minimise our impact on the environment and do our part in tackling challenges caused by climate change

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