Why Act Now: Failures of the Global Economic System

We stand at a critical juncture, with the potential for extraordinary progress on one hand and succumbing to existential threats on the other. Actions are needed today to ensure planetary survival and societal wellbeing in the years and decades ahead.  

On the 27th of July, join GIFT.ed to hear insights from some of the brightest minds of the 21st century, including Dr. Jane Goodall, Professor Jeffery Sachs, Monsignor Professor Obiora Ike and Dr Brian Wong on four pillars of social development: material sufficiency, social justice, sustainability, and peace. Alarmingly, we are off track on all of them. 

Today, governments, businesses, and NGOs are trying to tackle the four aforementioned prongs separately. That is not enough, because they are inextricably linked. Material insufficiency often leads to environmental degradation. A lack of social justice is a core disruptor of peace.

In parallel, nothing about the international economy guarantees the end of poverty or social justice. There’s nothing in the global economic system that automatically protects the environment.

Ending poverty and promoting social inclusion demand deliberate social and political decision-making, rather than relying on volatile markets or economies. A fair world begins with equitable countries and cities, and tackling inequality necessitates listening to diverse voices and perspectives from around the globe.

The time to act is now. Our planet and future generations depend on the decisions we make today. We need to champion sustainable development, end poverty, and foster equality, or face the irreversible consequences of our inaction.

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