BEC receives accreditation as WELL Performance Testing Organisation & achieves WELL Health-Safety Rating for Jockey Club Environmental Building

WELL is the premier framework for certifying and creating spaces that advance health and well-being around the world, and the Performance Verification helps ensure the related evidence-based strategies have been implemented and are performing as planned. A WELL PTO is an organisation authorised by Green Building Certification Inc. (“GBCI”), which upholds the integrity and impartiality to provide independent third-party performance testing services for projects pursuing WELL v2 certification.

To find out more, we had a chat with our Director – Operations Ir C.F. Leung, who shared with us his views about green buildings and how BEC can help corporates with the WELL PTO accreditation.

Q: The COVID-19 pandemic has far-reaching impact on different perspectives of our daily life. How does it affect people’s views on green or sustainable buildings?

A: More than ever before people are attaching the utmost importance on health and well-being. On average we are spending as much as 90% of our time indoors thus a building with good indoor environmental quality is essential to safeguard the health and well-being of the occupants.

Q: Specifically, how are green buildings beneficial to our health?

A: First of all, good ventilation with sufficient fresh air can dilute the indoor pollutants and often prevents the transmission of airborne pathogens – one thing we have learnt from this pandemic. In terms of mental health, buildings designed to maximise daylight can help reduce seasonal affective disorder, aka winter depression. Even if natural light is not accessible, installing a dynamic lighting system indoors can reinforce our circadian rhythm – the daily cycle of our body – and thus enhance our well-being.

Q: How can BEC help being a WELL PTO?

A: BEC will be able to conduct the WELL Performance Rating to establish best practices for continuously monitoring and measuring building performance across key indoor environmental quality (“IEQ”) indicators related to air quality, water quality, thermal comfort, acoustics, lighting and occupant experience. Tracking, monitoring and improving these IEQ indicators of a building are essential in maintaining the health and well-being of the people inside.

Q: BEC celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Having served BEC for 15 years, you must have a strong sentimental attachment to this place too.

A: Happy 30th birthday to BEC! I am indeed very honoured to be serving BEC and witnessing the remarkable progress we have made in promoting environmental excellence and green building development in Hong Kong. In recent years we have been installing and showcasing a wide range of state-of-the-art green technologies and implementing green management practices in our building, aiming to transform it into a “Green Lab”. Other than achieving the WELL Health-Safety Rating, my team is also working hard now to renew our current BEAM Plus Existing Buildings Certificate. It is BEC’s desire to utilise our building to showcase what elements and features should be included in a green building. It is a pity, though, we cannot organise any building tour amid the recent outbreak. Hopefully we will be able to introduce this Green Lab concept to the business sector and general public in the near future.

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