Can Web 3.0 & Blockchains be the next solution to scaling climate action?

More individuals are coming together for common causes all across the world through NFTs, DAOs, and ReFi (regenerative finance), which increase transparency, efficiency, and scalability. Green communities looking to build a green economy are further encouraged by Web 3.0’s unique utility to build sustainable futures. Let’s take a look at how Web 3.0 is disrupting the way we tackle climate change.

What is Web 3.0 and how can it combat climate change?
Web 3.0, which supports decentralisation and is being produced, operated, and owned by its users, allows individuals a higher autonomy. Decentralised autonomous organisations, also known as the “Discord with a wallet”, are communities that enable you to manage your own data without being governed by corporations, coordinate decentralised ownership of a platform, and make decisions. With the emerging trend of climate-related DAOs, individuals who are looking to be part of the solution, can connect with like-minded people working on initiatives and projects focused on rewarding people for doing good, especially when it comes to sustainability and climate preservation.

Can it be sustainable?
However, there are concerns about how much energy it uses. The BNB network and the Polygon network, which are governed by a more energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake consensus method, are connected to Green Token’s solution. By doing this, energy usage will be cut by 99.95% – just 0.07 kg every transaction, or the equivalent of riding a bus for 1 km. In terms of reducing carbon emissions, it is roughly 17,000 times more efficient than Bitcoin!

With the help of these technologies, we can develop a practical and attractive reward system to promote responsible climate action, accelerate projects that offer innovative social and environmental solutions, and have the independence to support these organisations with our capital and votes.

Green Token – Securing a Sustainable Future
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