New ECO Tile Adhesive

The Weber ECO tile adhesive series has achieved the Platinum level in Green Product Certification from the Construction Industry Council (CIC). This certification differentiates the weberset TF eco products as the green choice of tile fixing solutions.

The new launched environmental friendly tile adhesive is designed for fixing ceramic tiles and stone, weberset TF eco and weberset TF eco plus exclusive patented formula uses new raw materials sourced from the recovery of industrial by-products to reduce CO2 emissions and the needs to consume raw natural resources. Compared with other mortar adhesives in the same performance class, production of weberset TF eco series cuts CO2 emissions by 50%, water consumption by 28% and non-renewable energy use by 27%.

The environmental performance of this flexible mortar adhesive is matched by its technical performance, it complied with C2TE S1 class (weberset TF ECO plus) with the smooth texture makes it become the easiest tile adhesive to apply in the market.

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