Ceramic Waste Recreated As Durable Beauty

China is the largest producer of ceramics in the world and produces 18 million tons of ceramic waste each year. Where others see waste, we see opportunity. Based in Jingdezhen, the ceramic capital of China, we are driving a complete transformation of the ceramic production cycle.

Yi Design offers a circular solution for the interior and architecture industry, by transforming industrial ceramic waste into decorative, structural, and customizable tiles and bricks, as well as art and product design. Since starting in 2021, we have developed an outstanding portfolio of top-quality ceramic products made from recycled ceramic waste, in combination with strong intellectual property, as recognized internationally by a wide range of clients and buyers, as well as numerous institutions and industry bodies.

At Yi Design, we have always been committed to developing solutions that minimize environmental impact while delivering exceptional quality and performance.  YiTile and Permeable YiBrick are a testament to this commitment, as they represent a revolutionary approach to construction materials.

Our laboratory invented a new binding material for ceramic waste and put our R&D into practice to create elegant and durable products. Not only does it refuse to use cement and glue, but each product has a recycling content rate from 70% – 100% which is on top of the current market levels.

We realized that being socially responsible is a way of life at work and home. We strive to create a better life for everyone on this earth because WE ARE RESPONSIBLE WORLD CITIZENS.

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