Parks and Trails: A Vibrant Nature for All

Parks and Trails is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong with a focus on nature conservation. Our organization first started in 2014 as TrailWatch, an App and a platform enabling hikers to record their journeys, as well as reporting incidents on trails such as litter and trail degradation. Since then, over 200,000 users have registered and used the TrailWatch App. TrailWatch has also developed other programmes including Waste Audit (a trail cleanup programme combining public training, data analysis and sharing insights with government departments and the public on the problem of waste on Hong Kong trails); Accessible Trails (Identification of suitable trails and co-creating country park experience with persons with disabilities).Other Parks and Trails programs include Coastal Trail Challenge, a virtual race/walk with quizzes around Hong Kong Island’s fascinating coastline and MyTree, a tree registry documenting tree species along country park trails.

Three Cares

Our work is guided by the values of sustainability, well-being, and responsible use, and aims to increase people’s engagement in the “Three Cares” (Self Care, Care for Others, Care for Nature). Our focus areas include biodiversity, ecosystem services, physical, mental health, and well-being. We advocate innovative tech-based solutions to protect our nature. Through data insights, engagement and education, Parks and Trails hopes to provide impactful services to hikers and other stakeholders as well as to encourage them to take responsibility and action, to better enjoy and protect the Nature of Hong Kong.

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