Eat Without Waste: Hong Kong’s Takeout Packaging Challenge

Photograph Credit: Helga Vanthournout.

Hong Kong’s prolific use of disposable foodservice packaging is tied to its character as a densely populated city with a culture of convenience. An estimated 3.9 billion disposable foodservice items were used and discarded by Hong Kong consumers in 2019, even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, takeout habits have only proliferated. The associated packaging has a detrimental effect on our environment: overflowing landfills, litter on our streets and beaches, and resource wastage. To address this critical waste issue, this report offers analysis to deepen our understanding along three dimensions:

The authors summarise their detailed recommendations as “Tackle all single use foodservice packaging, not just plastics. Use a portfolio of tools. Start now.” Based on these principles, the report offers a pathway forward for Hong Kong’s food & beverage operators, policymakers, and consumers to collectively Eat Without Waste.

Contributed by ADM Capital Foundation

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