ImpactHK Christmas Appeal

More than 1,500 people will be sleeping on the streets of our city tonight as the pandemic has caused a 20% increase in homelessness. But work is a powerful way to break the cycle of homelessness. At ImpactHK we are empowering people to follow their hopes and dreams and helping them to create a better life for themselves through employment. Our target is to raise $1 million HKD in 24 days so that 8 people experiencing homelessness can transform their lives through work.

Play your part in ending homelessness – even $325 can make a significant impact on someone’s life $9,750 supports someone on the programme for a month or $2,275 supports someone on the programme for a week

​​Our Assistants work in a range of job positions, from office assistant to trainee barista in our new café. But it is so much more than just a job. “Now that I have work my day is more structured and I have time to think about the future… I have friends and responsibility”, says Will, our Shop Assistant. On the employment programme, participants can discover their hopes and dreams, learn new skills in a range of classes, receive on-the-job training and get strong once more. Our Assistants also give back to the community, helping others who are still sleeping on the streets. “Through my work, I can help our charity. And what that actually means, is that I can help others”, says Cheong, our Community Centre Assistant.

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