Empowering Hong Kong’s Industrial Workers: A Workwear Partnership with CAT to Share Value

TMS.SITE is focuses on producing high-performance sustainable workwear tailored specifically for the “Industrial Athlete” – individuals who work in demanding environments. TMS.SITE provides a solution for extending the life cycle of worn and outdated uniforms.

The collaboration between CAT Footwear, TMS.SITE, Master Wuso, and Stone emphasizes their shared commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Together, these entities weave a narrative that reflects the aspirations of the Hong Kong Industrial workers community.

The partnership between CAT Footwear and TMS.SITE captures the essence of Hong Kong’s working class. CAT Footwear is renowned for its durability and comfort in rugged worksite environments, constantly pushing boundaries with new technologies and contemporary designs. TMS.SITE shares the same dedication to providing exceptional working uniforms for today’s industrial professionals. This shared commitment has resulted in a seamless collaboration between the two brands.

To bring this story to life, we’ve enlisted the help of Master Wuso and Stone, who excel in their day jobs in furnishing and steelwork while also sharing a passion for their off-time pursuit: Wuso’s custom motorcycle shop, Chop Smith Custom. Their craftsmanship and expertise in their trades seamlessly translate into their chopper builds, allowing them to explore creativity and shape their desired way of life.

CAT Footwear x TMS.SITE embody the spirit of Hong Kong’s local workers. Together, they represent a powerful testament to the aspirations and dreams of the Hong Kong working community, working hand in hand to bridge social gaps and empower industrial workers.

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