Our Bamboo can contribute to your ESG commitment!

Following the release of SDG 17 in year 2015, BIL have been modifying our production plant and manufacturing task. We determine to keep a tight control in our carbon footprint trace also to fulfil different SDG goals in every possible way.

The No.1 goal is NO Poverty – To apply this goal, which seeking for solution to end poverty and promote equality development between the urban and suburban populations. China government has implemented policy to encourage harvesting of bamboo which stabilising supply of the raw material. Thus enhanced the income source for farmers and improved their living.

The No. 3 goal is Good Health and Well-being – Bamboo grows fast and in a cumulative rhizome system in the mountains. It will absorb an extra 30% carbon dioxide and release surplus of 35% oxygen through the photosynthesis in comparing to the same size of forest. A bamboo product is a natural temperature block. A good source for building material to reduce energy consumption.

The No. 8 goal is Decent work and economic growth – Our company and the manufacture plant have been improving our worker’s working condition and staff welfare by introducing different policies. It’s is our goal to become a ESG certified manufacturer to match up to our clients’ vision growth.
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