SGS shared toy-related sustainability topics at the 50th Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair

SGS Hong Kong Limited participated in the 50th Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council recently. Being invited as speakers at the highlighted Asian Toys & Games Forum 2024, experts from SGS shared their professional insights on toy-related sustainability topics.

Sustainability was a hot topic at the Toys Fair and Phoebe Lee, Global Head – Toys & Juvenile Products of SGS introduced the concept of sustainable toys and how toy companies can become green.

Common practices in the market included setting goals for increasing the use of bio-based materials, reducing plastic and phrasing out harmful substances. Stricter regulations in different jurisdictions, the development of alternate materials and a shift to a circular economy would continue to drive the sustainability trend, she said.

Birkoff Chen, Sustainability Product Manager of Global Hardlines of SGS said millennials were more eco-friendly and prioritised buying from companies that supported environmental protection. He advised companies against making unfounded and vague environmentally friendly claims and suggested they seek proper certification.

A wide variety of voluntary ecolabeling schemes have appeared in recent years to help businesses striving to meet consumer demand for more sustainable products and services. However, environmental claims will only help consumers if they are based on scientific evidence and can be trusted.

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