Engaging and empowering your collaborators: experiential learning

Our transformative and experiential learning journeys enable stakeholders to perceive and process change signals, conceive and adopt sustainable behaviours, and develop a constructive and innovative mindset. Participants grasp how specific human factors (e.g., emotions, cognitive biases, language, habits, beliefs] can limit or enhance their ability to implement solutions to sustainability challenges. They foster over time a constructive and optimistic mindset, the desire to take action, and the ability to innovate. Climate Fresk, Biodiversity Collage, Circularity Canvas, Human Factor Mural, Futureback workshop or Co-Development sessions are examples of collective learning experiences we can leverage in an impactful engagement journey toward ESG targets.

Complementary to our service relating to engaging and empowering your collaborators and key stakeholders, Humans Matter supports:
> Transforming business models by rethinking value: cognitive design for sustainable services and organisations; and
> Developing management practices enabling sustainability: the cognitive leader

Humans Matter supports you in your sustainability journey by developing your ability to act toward your sustainability goals. Read our other articles on this ReThink:Insight blog and check out the below links for more information and contact us to explore how we can help you progress toward your success story.

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