Developing management practices enabling sustainability: the cognitive leader

Assuming a driver role in our organisations’ facilitation of and resilience for this profound transition, managers need to adapt their posture and management practices. They lead change in an unknown, complex and volatile environment. They make decisions having to process large quantities of data that are often incomplete. They engage stakeholders from cross-functional networks, with different and sometimes competing priorities, often working in silos. They nurture innovation while also scale up promising solutions. In this environment, successful management entails managers unlearning old ways of doing and learning new core people-centric competencies . Our cognitive approach to leadership development allows us to support managers in developing soft skills for sustainability based on four meta-cognitive competencies: creating common meaning, caring for oneself, others and our environment, building collaborative networks and conceiving simplifying stories.

Complementary to our service relating to management practice and cognitive leader development, Humans Matter supports:
> Transforming business models by rethinking value: cognitive design for sustainable services and organisations; and
> Engaging and empowering your collaborators: experiential learning

Humans Matter supports you in your sustainability journey by developing your ability to act toward your sustainability goals. Read our other articles on this ReThink:Insight blog and check out the below links for more information and contact us to explore how we can help you progress toward your success story.

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