Transforming business models by rethinking value: cognitive design for sustainable services and organisations

Acting for Sustainability means aiming for a positive impact on the society, People, and the Planet. As the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework highlights, regenerating our biospheric, social and economic ecosystem requires addressing multi-stakeholders’ challenges and creating value for each of them. Our cognitive design method, applied to sustainability frameworks (e.g., circular and/or regenerative operations), offers a customised approach to tackle your challenges in your ecosystem, and design your positive impact journey. Human cognitive factors are embedded in our design methodology, at each stage of its process: diagnosis, design and materialisation of solutions. It fosters your organisation’s ability to act, induces new behaviours and thereby secures long-lasting impact.

Complementary to our service relating to business model transformation, Humans Matter supports:
> Developing management practices enabling sustainability: the cognitive leader; and
> Engaging and empowering your collaborators: experiential learning

Humans Matter supports you in your sustainability journey by developing your ability to act toward your sustainability goals. Read our other articles on this ReThink:Insight blog and check out the below links for more information and contact us to explore how we can help you progress toward your success story.

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