Hong Kong Climate Tech Firm Allinfra Announces Green Finance Impact Reporting Tool

Hong Kong climate tech firm, Allinfra, has announced a new software functionality designed for financial institutions, corporates and investors: the Green Finance Impact Reporting Tool.

This is a highly customised, granular and secured reporting system for the performance monitoring of assets, projects or entities financed with green or sustainability-linked bonds and loans.

The Green Finance Impact Reporting Tool helps stakeholders more efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably calculate and report on the impact of such assets versus their stated ESG performance metrics.

Key Features and Benefits:

– Single source of truth for reporting on green finance KPIs, accessible by stakeholders
– Provides transparent and verifiable audit trail on data sourced and how KPIs are calculated
– Adaptable system – full flexibility and customisation of formulas and KPIs
– Automated, on-demand report generation
– Real-time data processing
– User-friendly interface and simple implementation
– Cost-effective solution
– Streamlined platform encompassing all aspects of KPI definition, data collection, verification and reporting – reducing the need for multiple platforms, messy and untimely data exchange and eliminating complex audit trails

The Green Finance Impact Reporting Tool provides issuers with a low cost, highly reliable and efficient method to deliver investors and other stakeholders a transparent, timely source of ESG and asset performance information.

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