Maxim’s Group: Circularity in Action

Maxim’s Group promotes sustainability in its business and operation for a circular economy.

With the objective of reducing food waste, the Group collaborates with local start-up Breer who collects surplus bread from Maxim’s facilities that replace 100% of barley used and brew the handcrafted beer BOB (Bottle of Bread) in Hong Kong. To date, 1.9 tonnes of surplus bread have been upcycled to produce more than 20,000 liters of BOB currently available in 100+ restaurant outlets and selected cake shops.

After the first flavor Original BOB debuted in 2021, the second flavour Coffee BOB was debuted in May 2023 which incorporates and has upcycled 90kg coffee grounds as ingredient to date.

Food waste could also be turned into treasures that rejuvenate the soil. Maxim’s Group also pilots regenerative farming with a local farm that converts food waste to enzymes and fertilizers. To date, 3.7 tonnes of produce, grown naturally with zero pesticide, zero chemical fertilizer applied, was harvested to serve in selective restaurant outlets and stores. Earth friendly farming practices improve soil health that boost biodiversity and promotes carbon sequestration.

Both BOB and the regenerative farming project sponsor tree planting via nature-based social innovation company EcoMatcher, a B-Corporation certified social enterprise, to promote carbon sequestration and to empower tree planting families in Asia.

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