How companies can leverage ESG to establish credibility in the new normal

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) is increasingly acknowledged as “the measure of sustainability and resilience of an organisation”. While each of these three pillars or disciplines have their own standards, their collaboration is critical to facilitate an organisation’s dedication in building a business that can have a positive impact. ESG standards are used to inform strategic goals, operational execution and stakeholder relationships, ultimately not only doing good but strengthening an organisation’s overall brand and fiscal health.

In today’s business landscape, ESG aspects are gaining more and more importance and many companies are turning their attention to them. However, understanding what ESG is, what are the current standards and framework can be difficult, especially in such an intricate environment.

To know more about ESG, join an inspiring panel discussion on ReThink HK workshop on 5 October, 2022! ESG topics will be discussed and analysed from several perspectives, from discussing about environmental, social and governance issues, defining the working framework and current standards to greenwashing and real-case applications, each of our speakers from different business sectors will share a complete overview of how companies can leverage ESG to establish credibility in the new normal.

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