An OK Workflow for Product Sustainability

As the supply chain gets more complex and dynamic, many organisations struggle to understand and manage their supply chain upstream and downstream. Emerging markets and technologies demand not only informed, but also quick decisions.

Further, increasingly conscious consumers and law makers expect more transparency and sustainability from organisations of all sizes. All-in-all, managing a brand in todays world requires real-time, end-to-end monitoring, collaboration, and documentation in the supply chain.

Meanwhile, many struggle to remain competitive and maintain margins in a climate of inflation and labour shortages. How can a business be expected to focus on sustainability when they are trying to survive?

The case can be made that supporting conscious consumers and strengthening an organisations control over their supply chain are precisely the tools needed to ensure not only survival, but sustainable, long-term growth. Most organisations sit on a plethora of documentation they could use to strengthen their brand image, but the information is often hard to utilise effectively, let alone present in a marketable format.

The true challenge therefore lies in achieving sustainable sustainability practices. With lean, intuitive tools that solve these issues, barriers of entry can be removed, and any organisation of any size can set out on a path to sustainability.

At OK, we want to live in a world where it’s easy to buy, make, and maintain reliable and environmentally friendly products, so we’re making it happen. Visit us at booth H15 to learn how you can use our platform to close the loop and build a sustainable future for your organisation, for Hong Kong, and beyond.

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