How could Cobot help improve environmental hygiene?

ESG is a top-of-mind agenda for corporates whilst many of them look for innovative solutions to foster business resilience in the post-pandemic era. As an environmental hygiene solution expert, Avalon SteriTech has been helping numerous clients to improve cleanliness, productivity, and well-being, with the help of Cobotics CleanTech innovations.

“Cobots” differ from traditional robotic solutions and put a strong emphasis on the interaction and relationship with the human workforce. By leveraging its inherent advantages, they can take on monotonous, repetitive, or strenuous tasks, thereby enabling workers to redirect their time and expertise to more dedicated and nuanced needs.

Whiz Gambit, the AI-Powered cleaning and disinfection robotics solution, is the perfect demonstration of how “cobots” are utilized to help contain the pandemic. Whiz Gambit capitalizes on human-machine collaboration where it can rapidly complement manual and traditional cleaning practices to enhance overall cleanliness and environmental hygiene, whilst lower the physical and psychological burden of frontline cleaning staff. In addition to protecting cleaning staff from pathogens, it also prevents chemical exposure, which can have undesired health effects.

Today, over 200 units of Whiz Gambit have been endorsed by international players across various industries, ranging from aviation and mass transportation to corporates, as well as hospitals in Macau and China. As the world enters a new chapter of the post-pandemic era, Avalon strives to create healthy and safe environments around the world.

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