ReThink: AI powered Automated Waste Collection

Imagine: All waste inlets are connected to an underground pipe network. The emptying cycle is done at pre-programed times or when the units are full. The waste is transported at 70kph speed, using negative airflow to a remote collection station. Being underground makes the system resilient against extreme weather events and with smart automation, it is reliable even in times of societal pressure. The collection station can be located away from the central urban area, reducing the impact of heavy traffic, such as noise, air pollution, and traffic jams.

Automated Waste Collection System in Hong Kong

In fact, Hong Kong has its first system installed by Envac back in 1995. Unlike traditional waste rooms or bins, the inlets are completely sealed, minimizing smells, mess and unsanitary conditions. The system also saves bin space inside and outside the buildings and reduces the need for collection routes. The freed-up space can be used for green areas, pedestrian walkways, and bicycle lanes etc.

Smart Meter for Waste Industry

In the latest installation in Hong Kong, the Envac system features integrated waste weighing, the 1st in Asia. The technology is harmonised to the Municipal Waste Charging Scheme slated to launch in 2023. This Smart Meter also has the potential to transform the waste industry. Using AI and big data, the waste collection is streamlined and sustainable. The insights can be shared with tenants, property managers, business owners, and smart city services to help them better improve their business and environmental impact.

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