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CaSO started as a small business back in 2004, when the firm introduced Hong Kong to the green block wall system, an environmental friendly alternative to traditional concrete bricks. Having completed over 300 projects in Hong Kong and Macau over the years, CaSO is now a market-leading construction company with a growing global business network.

Sustainability at work

“We want to create infinite possibilities and bring even more vitality to our products, so that they become the key components of green buildings and integrate the concept of sustainable development into our everyday lives and our surroundings,” says Ricky Tsang, Founder and CEO of CaSO (HK) Engineering Company Limited.

With a mission to transform the built environment “from harm to harmony”, CaSO’s green wall system has several significant benefits. One advantage is its ability to regulate moisture in response to indoor humidity levels, enabling further energy savings. As the green wall is a reusable construction material, it also helps reduce construction waste by up to 50%.

Not only is the company committed to promoting green construction, but it is also striving to become an environmentally conscious corporation. CaSO’s head office was in fact the first interior in Hong Kong to win green architecture awards from mainland China, the Hong Kong SAR and the United States.

A partnership with a shared mission

HSBC has been working with CaSO since 2008. We’ve been supporting the company to bring about change in the construction industry through innovation.

“One of our most memorable experiences was in 2018, when we urgently needed capital to purchase materials for a large-scale green project for a shopping mall. HSBC was very helpful and efficiently secured us a sufficient flow of capital. The project was considered a success, enhanced the company’s reputation, and helped us retain our clients,” says Ricky.

HSBC’s green commitment

As part of its climate strategy, HSBC has pledged that by 2030, between USD750 billion and USD1 trillion of sustainable financing and investment will be dedicated to support customers from all sectors on their sustainability journey. Read more about HSBC’s commitment here.

Today, we and many of our customers contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. We have a strategy to reduce our own emissions and to help our customers reduce theirs. Find out more about our climate strategy:

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