SYGNA: Sustaining Building Efficiency Through Commissioning

According to the ENERGY STAR Building Manual, a retro-commissioning project can achieve 15% of energy savings. It is a proven cost-effective way to optimize building energy performance without the installation of any new equipment.

What are the top 5 Red Flags that might indicate your building needs EBCx?

1. Significant Increase in Operating Costs/ Energy bill
Significant and unexplained increases in energy consumption may indicate inefficiencies. An analysis of energy usage trends and comparisons to similar buildings can help identify potential areas for improvement

2. Comfort Feedback
Occupants’ complaints regarding thermal comfort, indoor air quality, or lighting levels can be indicators of issues with HVAC systems, ventilation, or lighting controls, and may suggest the need for EBCx to optimize building systems for better occupant comfort.

3. Inconsistent Building Performance
If there are significant variations in temperature, humidity, or air quality between different areas or floors of a building, it may indicate problems with system control settings. EBCx can help identify and rectify these issues, ensuring consistent and optimized building performance.

4. Change in Building Use or Occupancy
When there have been changes in building use, occupancy patterns, or operational requirements, it is essential to assess whether existing systems are still suitable and efficient

5. Sustainability Goals
Building owners who have sustainability or energy efficiency goals may consider EBCx as a proactive approach to optimizing their building’s performance.

Commissioning is a powerful tool for optimizing building performance, reducing carbon footprint, and ultimately achieving net-zero

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