Incubating the Next Generation of Climate Entrepreneurs: Winning Catalogue

Initiated by Wofoo Social Enterprises (WSE) and sponsored by HSBC, Hong Kong SDG Hub was established in 2020 with a heart to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically on SDG13 – Climate Action. Climate Action Recognition Scheme (CARS) is our key initiative which encourages young climate entrepreneurs to translate innovative ideas into actions, and invests in start-up for expanding their business in combating climate change.

In 2022, we are honored to invite Mr. Kam-sing Wong, the Secretary for the Environment, and other industry high achievers to select 5 outstanding climate solutions. Featured below is our winning catalogue of 2021-22 cohort ready to realise their green projects addressing green building, sustainable energy and responsible consumption:

Team: Hydro Tech – An intelligent and thermal-responsive window (ITRW) for indoor thermal management and energy-saving in buildings. Learn More:

Team: Sootable – Converting soot into hydrocarbon fuels. Learn More:

Team AlGreen: Third generation renewable and sustainable biofuels derived from algae. Learn More:

Team Move It Move It: An Intelligence one-stop logistics platform that links consumers with service providers who provide packing and moving services. Learn More:

Team Planeteers HK: A sustainable range of tableware – incrEDIBLE! that is 100% bio-degradable, vegan, nutritious, delicious and non-leeching alternative to disposable cutlery. Learn More:

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