How is the ESG narrative focusing attention on IAQ?

The concept of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is of paramount importance in the modern world. While Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is relevant in all three areas, it is especially important in the Social aspect, as it has a significant impact on a building’s occupants and their well-being. Studies have shown that good IAQ decreases cases of sick leave and furthermore increases work performance, whilst poor IAQ decreases employee satisfaction and increases general discomfort.

With regards to the Environmental aspect of ESG, proper indoor air management with adequate IAQ monitoring will contribute positively to energy efficiency. Energy savings can be derived from situation-adjusted ventilation/air exchanges, and by optimizing temperatures and the level of airflow so that electricity consumption can be reduced. On the Governance side, IAQ standards and legislation have been increasing signficantly, and so managing indoor air helps individuals and companies maintain compliance with constantly evolving legislation.

With our expertise as an indoor air quality specialist, AirGuard can assist building or facility managers to address shortcomings in airflow, ventilation, air-exchanges, energy consumption and related matters. Our “Clean Air as A Service” concept includes real-time IAQ monitoring and provides valuable data for ESG reporting.

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