The Future Works Here – Giacomini Radiant technology at “The Exchange” Building (Vancouver – Canada)

“The Exchange” project, a 31-storey tower in the center of Vancouver, is an example of renovation for an existing building that obtained the LEED Platinum certification. With the use of modern technologies for constructions and mechanical, electrical and lighting systems, it successfully met both the certification and the market needs.

The following measures have been adopted:
• use of a highly efficient hydronic heating and cooling system
• use of a highly efficient lighting system with LED lamps
• large use of solar energy, both thermal and photovoltaic
• triple-glazed curtain wall envelope
• storm water retention and reuse

These measures translated to a 35% reduction in energy costs, 50% reduction in energy consumption and 85% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Giacomini provided 30,000 m2 of metal radiant ceilings, special GK series, with cross-pattern structure and customized dimensions.
The radiant ceiling panels in the external area have a high thermal output, 100 W / m2, (referred to the active surface of the panel) and they can work in both heating and cooling mode. The internal panels have a standard output of 75 W / m2 and work in cooling mode.
Furthermore, using this system, it was possible to create two more floors, with the same total height.

The radiant ceiling systems, now very popular in Europe, have not found application everywhere yet. Therefore, the investors of “The Exchange” requested to test the system’s ability to ensure adequate levels of comfort, even in critical thermal conditions. The tests were carried out at the LTG laboratories in Stuttgart.

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