Intertek Spoke at Vegetarian Food Asia 2023 and Introduce Vegan Certification

Sales of vegan and vegetarian products have increased exponentially in recent years. Modern consumers are concerned about personal health and wellbeing, environmental impact, and the transparency of what they consume, leading many to explore a vegan or plant-based lifestyle.

Intertek Hong Kong was invited to speak at the Vegetarian Food Asia 2023. The Expo aimed at providing a platform for those who were passionate about vegetarian living, nutrition, and the future of health trends. Its speech delivered the insights on “Vegan vs Vegetarian… The Need of A Formal Vegan Certification”.

Intertek Vegan Certification is designed to determine the suitability of food products for vegan and plant-based consumers. This bespoke programme goes beyond the traditional label review to validate a vegan claim, utilising Intertek’s ATIC approach to complete third-party verification through auditing, testing, inspection, and training. Intertek’s Vegan Certification Mark allows consumers to be confident that the products they purchase have been held to the highest claims verification, backed by Intertek’s reputation of providing organisations with more than 130 years of innovative safety and quality standards to meet emerging needs.

Intertek can provide organisations with a complete range of services needed to develop and launch safe and quality food products onto the market faster, in the most efficient way and with minimal risk. Its network of experts help navigate food products through the many regulations in place around the world, providing the confidence and assurance needed to develop and launch food products onto market.

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