The Heroes our children need for a better tomorrow

We’ve all heard about the Avengers from Marvel and the Justice League from DC Comics. They are the good superheroes that the world needs to defeat all of the bad guys who threaten the safety of the people on earth. They are the goodies of the world that go against the baddies who try to wreck the world.

With our world today, what are the superheroes that we need now? The goodies who will protect and lead us into a better tomorrow? Introducing our 17 Mini Greeny Heroes, with the sole mission of educating and bringing awareness to the next generation so that they can be leaders of sustainability.

These witty, smart, and passionate Mini Greeny Heroes personify the 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) in a fun and amusing way, in hopes to convey the framework in a relatable and interactive way. Through stories, songs, games, and more, we aim to foster awareness and spread knowledge to empower the choices of the next generation. Educating children today can bring a lifetime of learning, feeding change for the world of tomorrow.

Interested in more? Head over to our website and YouTube channel where we have started to launch our stories and adventures of our Heroes, as they embark on their journey to educate our children for a better tomorrow.

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