Journey Towards Zero Carbon Emission

GT-Microalgae® & Green Wall, a new carbon reduction system that utilize both plants and living algae to help lower the carbon dioxide levels in confined spaces such as offices, home, car parks, bus terminals or roadside gardens. According to research, the efficiency of 1m3 of GT-Microalgae solution is better than 100m2 of woodland.

Better air quality is promised when using GT-Microalgae® to absorb CO2 thru ambient air in the confine or outdoor environment. When used together with G-MOSS® (Vertical Green Wall), not only we provide carbon neutral environment our Green Wall also beautifies the surrounding.

G-MOSS® is a recycled wood sponge which acts as soil for plants. It is predominantly made of recycled materials, and has a high water absorption rate. This increases its efficiency and utility while remaining environmentally friendly. A few advantages of using G-MOSS® is that it has lighter weight than traditional planting soil, clay or stone and it can reduce the landfill burden of waste plastic and wood in Hong Kong. It is fundamentally sturdy and durable, hence making it a great choice for planting green walls and planting vegetable & herbs as it has also passed the Hong Kong food safety tests. When combined with G-MOSS®, our Green-wall & Green-roof systems are lightweight, low maintenance and cost effective.

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