Turning Plastic Waste into Sustainable Concrete

EcoBricks has launched a 100% circular economy solution to Hong Kong’s plastic waste crisis, which can upcycle virtually any plastic waste into high-grade concrete building materials. This means we can recycle plastic waste that no one else can; types 1-7 and also mixed plastics.

We do not heat or chemically process the plastic, which means no emissions and no pollutants. We take Hong Kong waste, manufacture in Hong Kong and use in Hong Kong. This means less waste to landfill, less consumption of mined natural materials, less transportation, less shipping, less fuel consumption, less ecological damage, less carbon emissions and less embodied carbon in our built environment.

Our products look, feel and perform the same as conventional concrete and are tested to the same standards.

We believe that a local closed-loop solution for plastic waste is the only truly sustainable long-term solution.

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