MTR Lab – investing in a greener future

MTR Lab is a wholly owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation and is committed to co-creating solutions for a carbon-neutral smart community. MTR Lab creates strategic value through investing in technologies and developing innovative solutions that support the sustainable long-term growth of our communities as well as reinforcing MTR’s core business. Companies that operate and innovate in six key areas that intersect with MTR Lab are our priority targets for investment, namely mobility, retail, property, financial and data services, smart city technology, and sustainability.

Our most recent investment examples include the co-investment with Cyberport in alfred24, an innovative smart logistics company, and the co-investment with 2150 and Taronga Ventures in Ampd Energy, a provider of pioneering energy storage systems for construction sites. These collaborations would enable our community to leverage technology to adopt greener solutions.

MTR Lab also internally incubates startups that align with our values. For example, Carbon Wallet, one of MTR Lab’s subsidiaries, is a one-stop carbon reduction reward platform in Hong Kong dedicated to promoting sustainability and low-carbon living through rewarding the public for their green actions in daily lives. Another subsidiary of MTR Lab, Urban Access Solutions (UAS), provides access control solutions leveraging the use of Octopus Cards, and is currently developing smart parking solutions.

MTR Lab is always on the lookout for like-minded partners to co-create and make a positive impact. Reach out to us at if you have a brilliant idea that can contribute to a smarter, greener future!

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