Net Zero Barometer Report: 1 in 5 UK businesses prioritizing carbon reduction amid challenging growth context

BSI’s annual Net Zero Barometer Report shows that almost half (49%) of UK senior decision makers are prioritising growth in their organization while one in five (20%) are prioritizing the reduction of carbon emissions. The 2022 Net Zero survey of 1,000 senior decision makers and sustainability professionals did find a desire and an optimism that the UK can and will achieve its net zero goal. The majority of those surveyed (71%) had already set targets to meet net zero, and 78% were more convinced post-COP26 that reaching net zero targets was possible. This is a big step forward from BSI’s 2021 survey where only 40% of organizations had made a net zero commitment and a further 31% were “considering it”.

Scott Steedman, Director-General, Standards at BSI said: “The COP26 summit in Glasgow and media coverage around that showed that many businesses are gearing up for the net zero transition, seeing competitive advantage in becoming more sustainable. On the other hand, business leaders are also having to deal with supply chain challenges, rising energy costs, labour shortages and high inflation. There is a big risk that industry overlooks the net zero transition in their quest for economic growth or even simply business survival.

“These pressures could easily create an either/or narrative for both businesses and consumers, a choice between cutting costs or cutting carbon. However, the evidence suggests businesses can do both, cut costs and cut carbon, and international standards are a prime tool to achieve this.

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