Smart Manufacturing Enhances Ecosystem Collaboration and Green Development

Manufacturing enterprises are subject to multiple challenges on the road to intelligent transition: Improving agility to cope with labour shortage and supply chain instability, safeguarding and improving product quality, building the integration capability of technologies to deploy smart factories, realising the upstream and downstream connections and coordinations, and meeting ESG compliance requirements.

Smart manufacturing enters the critical “window of opportunity”, demonstrating the trends of ecologicalisation and greenisation. Ecologicalisation means forming the interconnectivity between the industrial chain and the supply chain on the premise of guaranteeing digital security, while, greenisation involves intelligent technology and ESG to support the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry and create value.

For ecosystem collaboration, manufacturing enterprises can establish the data channel among upstream and downstream partners of multiple industrial chains that transcend organizational boundaries; thus, achieving ecosystem coordination and optimal resource allocation. For instance, enterprises can acquire a more precise supply-demand relationship, and evaluate the impacts of supply fluctuation on real orders.

As for greenisation, enterprises can boost sustainable development by enhancing digital governance capacity, adopting Intelligent technologies to reduce environmental impacts, and conveying the value of their sustainable commercial practices. Furthermore, under the precondition that production and manufacturing are driven by data, enterprises strive to find the link with high potential in carbon reduction by connecting the whole industry via artificial intelligence, digital twin and other technologies. Moreover, energy consumption data can be collected for enterprises to conduct multi-dimensional energy consumption analysis and equipment efficiency analysis; hence, achieves the real-time transparency of energy consumption. Meanwhile, by combining energy data with other system data, enterprises can enhance data governance capability, and tap into the process, quality, production and other issues, which enables them to conduct process optimization, preventive equipment maintenance and other works.

Smart manufacturing promoted by SmartMore herein emphasizes finding the best option based on data analysis and insight, and realizing precise execution by digital twin, deep learning, and intelligent equipment. SmartMore provides technical solutions for manufacturing enterprises to achieve multi-objective optimization of cost, efficiency, quality, supply chain and ESG governance.

As an Innovation & Technology (I&T) company focusing on smart manufacturing and digital innovation, SmartMore is committed to our mission of Innovating for Perennial Excellence.

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