Offset your carbon emission with verified Product Take Back System in the retail industry

Product take-back systems are fundamental for the Circular Economy which is an efficient tool to reduce the hidden emissions. It focuses on taking back post consumer products to be reused or recycled.

A) Why are “recycling” and “reusing” practices of the takeback system beneficial to carbon offset?

Offsetting carbon emission based on recycling and reusing are brilliant because they do double duty in cutting emissions.

First, it diverts waste from landfills, where it would otherwise emit methane while decomposing.

Second, it decreases the need to make new products with virgin resources which is an incredibly carbon-intensive activity.

B) What is an example of a take-back system with recycling and reusing to create carbon offset?

With more than 15 years of reversed logistic experience, EcoSage shall analyse and identify all the material recyclability or reusing alternatives such as donation, refurbish, parts harvest to maximize the recovery rate. Our team of Chartered Waste Manager and Sustainable Development Planner shall calculate the total carbon offset created by the relevant recycling and reuse processes.

With ISO 27001 accreditation, our unique competency in ensuring chain of custody during the process demonstrates transparency to protect Client branding and material traceability.

C) How to apply the carbon offset for our carbon neutrality target?

To assure the credibility of the carbon offset, the calculation and report shall be verified by independent third party verification*, client can use this carbon offset internally to reduce the carbon footprint of the corporate

Note: *Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency

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