Redefine the Future of Cleaning

define CLEAN is a green technology start up offering naturally-derived powder-form personal care and household cleaning/disinfecting products without single-use plastic packaging and is 99% lighter than the general products in the market. This reduces carbon emission found in packaging generated by single-use plastic packaging and transportation.

Just fill your reusable bottle with cold water, pour in define CLEAN powder, and wait 1 minute for it to activate, – then you’re good to go.

The mission of define CLEAN is 3S and 1H:

Save on Space: define CLEAN remove the main ingredients of general cleaning product – aqua, and left the rest of ingredients, so the deduction of size and weight saves lots of storage space at home.

Save on Spending: Eliminating excess packaging, define CLEAN is sold at more affordable prices due to lower production cost.

Save the Earth: define CLEAN product is lighter and made in Hong Kong, addressing climate change by reducing 99% transportation carbon emission.

Help those in Need: We offer job opportunities to grass-root families that are affected by COVID-19.

define CLEAN powder-form cleaning solution is developed, designed and made in Hong Kong. Our product is made of naturally-derived ingredients, and does not include colours, fragrance and VOCs.

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