SGS and Mitsubishi Electric Hong Kong Collaborate to Promote Green Initiatives

SGS Hong Kong Limited (“SGS”) signed an agreement on deepening cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) Limited [formerly known as Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Hong Kong) Limited], further enhancing the promotion of energy efficiency, carbon reduction, ESG and green finance solutions together to building, construction and property management segment in Hong Kong.

This agreement is a significant step towards achieving sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in the industry and paving the way for a more sustainable future by encouraging enterprises to adopt environmentally responsible practices in their day-to-day operations.

The first collaboration area is to bundle the building energy system of Mitsubishi Electric with the Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (“EDGE”) Green Building Certification of SGS. As one of the world’s major energy products and system provider, the smart energy solutions of Mitsubishi Electric aims to make the most of their advanced and environmental technologies to provide solutions that satisfy customers in all aspects of safety, comfort, efficiency and the environment.

With just a few inputs from property developers, EDGE also helps to create resource-efficient buildings quickly, easily and affordably. It is the next generation of environmental building certificate standards, incorporating a design tool to prove the financial case for constructing green buildings and allows developers, building owners and investors to assess the environmental and economic impact of any design decision within minutes.

Both parties intend to raise industry awareness on green building certification, energy efficiency, ESG and other sustainability themes, tools, and formats by integrating their solution and providing jointed industry outreach initiatives for employees and external customers with the mutual exchange of relevant knowledge, expertise and content.

Mr. Joseph Tam, General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric (Hong Kong) Limited said, “We are pleased to partner with SGS to co-support sustainability development by leveraging their expertise in EDGE green building certification. This collaboration will allow us to offer our clients a comprehensive and effective solution for achieving sustainability goals.”

Mr. Jack Yuen, the Deputy Director, Sustainability Business Development of SGS Hong Kong Limited said, “The collaboration demonstrates a commitment towards promoting sustainable practices in the industry and contributing towards a greener future. It is a win-win for both parties as we will be able to leverage each other’s strengths and expertise, leading to greater industry awareness and adoption of sustainable practices.”

The partnership will play a significant role in advancing environmental stewardship and fostering sustainable development.

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