Sustainature: A One-Stop ESG Online Management Platform for Enterprises

The past decade has witnessed that ESG has gone mainstream with an increasing number of businesses seeing the fruits of embracing ESG. Sustainature, an online ESG management platform launched by Allied Sustainability and Environmental Consultants Group Limited (AEC Group) aims to simplify the process of ESG data processing for enterprises of all types, analyze and manage data in one place, and help generate ESG reports in compliance with the requirements of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It not only helps companies comply with HKEX’s increasingly stringent ESG disclosure requirements, but also keeps them abreast of the latest trends in digital transformation to cater for the growing needs for ESG disclosures from stakeholders including shareholders, customers and community at large.

As ESG digitalization becomes a significant trend, future sustainability reports are expected to be more comprehensive and cover more complete and quality ESG information to keep pace with stakeholders’ increasing attention to ESG issues, while advancing carbon neutrality and corporate sustainability in the long run. To keep up with the pace of digital transformation, AEC Group launched Sustainature, a one-stop platform for ESG data collection, analysis, and management. Sustainature helps users collect and record ESG data from different business units anytime and anywhere, automatically calculates and analyzes the data, and generates HKEX compliant ESG reports with just a simple click. It is also equipped with target-setting feature and progress tracker, which allows companies to make better use of their data to formulate net-zero targets and track the progress against the goals.

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