Synesgy: The Sustainability Network to Support Sustainable Development of Companies

Green economy has been one of the key development goals of Hong Kong in recent years. The government and various sectors have rolled out a number of measures to promote the development of green and sustainable finance in Hong Kong. Therefore, CRIF, a global company specializing in credit bureau and business information, outsourcing and processing services, and advanced digital solutions for business development and open banking, has recently introduced Synesgy into Hong Kong market. Synesgy is a global digital platform for ESG sustainability assessment enabling companies to collect and manage information through an ESG self-assessment, complete with evaluation and guidance on the development plan to be undertaken. Thus, Hong Kong companies can understand how to improve their ESG performance and integrate ESG factors into their business decision.

Synesgy also supports the financial sector by creating value through “sustainable finance”, supporting credit policies, commercial strategies, supply chain selection, risk management and funding.

The Synesgy methodology is built on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and Taxonomy guidelines and benefited from the collaboration with the Credit Ratings Agency of the CRIF Group, which for years has been incorporating ESG factors in assigning the issuer rating of non-financial companies’ resident within the European Union.

Transparency, collaboration and sustainability are at the heart of the Synesgy network, to drive companies toward a positive impact on the environment and society and to implement forms of corporate governance based on ethical criteria.

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