Disrupt the Narrative and Redesign Society with GIFT.ed

Love to learn? Tired of the mainstream narrative? Want to create positive change in your community, organization and the wider world?

We are looking for pioneers to join an exclusive worldwide cohort of learners who will be the first to experience cutting-edge content in a ground-breaking new venture.

Committed to the global search for solutions to growing existential threats and societal challenges, GIFT.ed is an online learning platform that empowers individuals and organisations with insights, understanding and practical tools for redesigning society.

Our courses build on the Global Institute For Tomorrow’s (GIFT) internationally recognised curriculum and feature non-mainstream perspectives from pioneers in science, business, policy and economics to stimulate fresh thinking around humanity’s greatest challenges.

The first course – Redesigning Society: Global Challenges & Purpose Driven Lives – offers an honest understanding of the world we live in. It provides a deep appreciation of the challenges presented by modern civilisation and the immense possibilities for change when we recognise and accept the root causes of the crises we face.

Course Highlights:

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