The secret of sharkskin: AeroSHARK – Lufthansa Group

We are doing a lot to achieve our climate protection goals. The use of new, fuel-efficient aircraft is one of the biggest and most important levers in this effort. By 2030, more than 190 new, highly efficient and comfortable aircraft will modernize our fleet and contribute to significant CO2 savings. But there are also measures that are almost invisible at first glance – yet have a major impact.

The secret of sharkskin: AeroSHARK

The true master of reducing flow resistance drag has been around for millions of years. It is actually the most impressive animal in our oceans: the shark. Did you know that the secret of the shark’s sleek maneuver within the water lies in its skin?

That is what inspired Lufthansa Technik, in collaboration with BASF, to adapt the sharkskin technology for aircraft. AeroSHARK is a bionic adhesive film which optimizes the airflow, thus reducing fuel consumption and leading to savings in CO2 emissions. SWISS will be the first passenger airline in the world to use the new AeroSHARK technology.

Curious about AeroSHARK?

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