Tapping into the ESG talent pool through a global hiring approach


As Hong Kong businesses look to grow domestically or capture opportunities in the global arena, they need to move fast – and creatively – to compete in today’s economy and business landscape. And with awareness around sustainability and ESG regulatory requirements continuing to increase, companies are also urgently seeking for talent in this area as they look to fulfil their sustainability goals. Therefore, businesses of all sizes, especially purpose-driven organisations, are looking to reform their hiring strategy.

As Hong Kong is still going through a talent crunch, many are increasingly open to the idea of global hiring to find the best talent wherever they are. In fact, in a recent survey of Hong Kong business decision-makers’ sentiment on the hiring landscape, it was found that 85% of business decision-makers are open to hiring outside of Hong Kong to find the best talent for their businesses. With the challenges local companies are facing in hiring, cross-border hiring is more attractive than ever before for all sizes of companies, allowing them to access a large pool of high-quality talent who are increasingly open to remote and global opportunities.

This is becoming even more important as a new generation of social innovators who are entering into the workforce are preferring contract work, or roles with the flexibility to be based anywhere they want. Therefore, global hiring provides companies and talent with a win-win situation as they seek to address their talent gap, and secure global opportunities to advance their careers.

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